400 Tons Dual - Screw Air Cool Chiller Semi Hermelic Chiller Air Cooled

400 Tons Dual - Screw Air Cool Chiller Semi Hermelic Chiller Air Cooled


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The full series units adopt electronic expansion valve control technology with independent power supply. The design of dual power supply implements optimal control for superheating and ensures high-performance running of the unit. The precise PID flow control through electronic expansion valves
allows stable refrigerant control, protects the compressors, and monitors air exhausted by compressors, avoiding faults of compressors.



General Specifications


Environmental Friendly-EKAS is an air cooled screw chiller which use dual screw compressor with R134a refrigerant


High Efficiency-The “Apollo”/“Apollo+” stands for high efficiency/ extremely high efficiency on partial and full load operation , thanks to dual screw compressor , sub-cooling design , M shape condenser ,economizer , shell and tube evaporator ,electronic expansion valve and patent aerofoil aluminum fan .


Capacity Continuous Adjustment -With intelligent controller , EK chiller performs a prompt adjustment according to system load to ensure the precisely chilled water temperature . What’s more , it will unload automatically at extremely high ambient temperature to protect compressor.


10.1” Touch Screen -is directly connected to the microprocessor , providing monitoring history data recording ,safety protection ,and more convenient operation .


Widely Applications -EKAS is the idea solution for commercial building & industrial applications that required high performance ,continuous operation , lower operation and maintenance cost .


BMS (Optional)-EK provide an RS485 standard communication interface , which is more convenient to joint with building management system . Standard protocol includes BacNet ,Modbus and Lonwork .


Chiller Manage System (Optional)- EK provide intelligent CMS for centralized control on several air cooled screw chillers to balance each unit running time ,and perform automatically switchover on a fault unit , ensuring the whole system stable running & energy saving .


Air Cooled Screw Chiller

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