Household R410A Total Heat Recovery Air Cooled Heat Pump Unit With 65 C Hot Water



Household R410A Total Heat Recovery Air-Cooled Heat Pump Unit with 65 C hot water



Featuring leading-edge manufacturing and master designs from Italy,the unit is a perfect combination of aesthetics and technology. TheR410A environment-friendly refrigerant is used to providing heating,
cooling, and "free" hot water up to 65°C around the clock. Compared with traditional household central air conditioning systems plus hot water systems, units of this series can save energy up to 40%.




Nominal cooling capacity kW 12 16 18.5
Nominal heating capacity kW 13 17 19.5
Nominal heat recovery capacity kW 10 13.5 15
Nominal cooling input power kW 4 5.1 6.1
Nominal heating input power kW 4.2 5.3 6.4
Rated water flow rate for nominal cooling capacity m³/h 2.1 2.8 3.2
Rated water flow rate for nominal heating capacity m³/h 2.2 2.9 3.3
Power supply   220V~/50Hz
Throttle   Electronic expansion valve
Refrigerant   R410A
Heat exchanger type Air conditioning side   braze-welded panel-type heat exchanger
Hot water side   High-efficiency bucket heat exchanger
Compressor Type   Hermetic rotor Fully hermetic scroll compressor
Fan Type   High-efficiency low-noise axial fan
Qty. Set 2
Hot water tank volume L 200 300 300
Max. temperature of hot water tank °C 65
Air conditioning pump Type   Horizontal centrifugal pump
Lift m 13 15 13
Water prevision pipe Dia. Air conditioning side inch Rc1 Rc 1 1/4
Hot water side mm Rc3/4
Dimensions (L × W × H) Outdoor unit mm 820x430x1055 995x430x1260
Indoor unit mm 640x685x1820 775x825x1820
Refrigerant pipe Dia. Liquid pipe mm Φ9.52
Gas pipe   Φ15.88
Net weight Outdoor unit kg 63 75 75
Indoor unit kg 210 300 304
Water system accessory box Model   EKAC-WS08B
Water tank L 22
Expansion tank L 2
Size of connection pipes   G1B
Dimensions mm 702x480x358

■ Air conditioning mode: Test conditions for nominal cooling capacity: outlet water temperature 7°C; water flow: 0.172 m3/(h·kW); outdoor ambient temperature 35°C. Test 

conditions for
nominal heating capacity: outlet water temperature: 45°C; water flow: 0.172m3/(h·kW); temperature of outdoor dry/wet bulb: 7°C/6°C.
■ Heat recovery mode: Test conditions for nominal heat recovery capacity: hot water tank temperature 45°C; Outlet water temperature at the air conditioning side 7°C. The 

air conditioning
water flow is the nominal cooling water flow.
■ The attached Y-shaped filter must be installed at the air conditioning water inlet.
■ Pipes outside the unit need to be customized and installed on site. The diameter of the pipes must meet design requirements. EK does not provide the pipes.
■ Specifications are subject to improvement changes without further notice.


Multi-Purpose Design


The unit features a master design combining central air conditioning, floor heating, and central hot water
systems. Leading-edge heat recovery techniques ensure that heat is recovered to the maximum, and that hot water is instantly available. Water and electricity are separated to eliminate the risk of electric shock. No harmful gas is eliminated to ensure user safety.


65°C "Free" Hot Water


EKAC series household total heat recovery air-cooled hot/cold water systems provide cooling, heating, and free hot water at the same time. Waster heat generated during the cooling process is recovered to make hot water for free up to 65°C around the clock. The COP can reach 5.5, making excellent air conditioning more affordable.


Built-in water tank


The unit features a smart external fan design, and the footprint of the outdoor unit is as less as 0.35m2.
The indoor unit provides a large water tank that is made of stainless steel and can be installed anywhere. Water and electricity are separated to eliminate the risk of electric shock. The hot water is instantly available. No harmful gas is eliminated to ensure user safety.


Floor heating


The system provides a floor heating function that is silent and reliable, making indoor air sanitary and comfortable.


Smart Control


The CCIC smart control system developed by EK for convenient indoor environment control makes comfortable environment easily available at one click.


Smart Operation Mode


The unit provides five operation modes, including cooling, heating, hot water, cooling+heat recovery, and heating+hot water. In summer, the cooling+heat recovery mode can be used to meet cooling and hot
water requirements. In winter, the heating+hot water mode can be used to meet heating and hot water requirements. In transitional seasons, the hot water mode can be used to meet hot water requirements.


Quiet Operation


The unit features a two-level vibration dampening technique, reducing the lowfrequency vibration of the compressor during operation to the lowest level. Innovative smart silencing mode can automatically
adjust the fan rev according to outdoor temperature and the operation status of the unit, reducing the operation sound as much as possible.


Environment Friendly


The new R410A refrigerant without fluorine is used to avoid ozone depletion, which makes the unit environment friendly. In addition, the R410A refrigerant system features a high EER, making the unit energy saving.


Simple and Reliable


There is no need to design or installed a cooling tower, boiler, cooling pump or relevant pipes. Customers can choose to purchase an optional water system accessory kit which includes six water system components (auto air discharge valve, relief valve, auto water refill valve, hermetic expansion water tank, water storage tank and sewage discharge valve). Installation of the whole central air conditioning system is as simple as connecting water pipes.


Heat Recovery Unit

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